Gorilla Habituation - 2015/2016 - CONGO

Starting a gorilla habituation program (Western Lowland Gorilla) to develop tourism and research collaborations in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park (OKNP), to help to maintain conservation and sustainability of the park.In collaboration with the other primatologists. Missions:

  • Camp manager in a very basic camp in tropical forest
  • Supervision of the team trackers [8 - 15 persons]
  • Collection and analysis of data on gorilla diet, behaviour and territory
  • Teaching and training volunteers and local staff
  • Redaction of monthly and annual reports for the park and the donors
  • Development of scientific collaborations with local and international institutions

One year later, the group size estimated is 25 individuals. A dozen of individuals are regularly visible (including the silverback).

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